Heat Transfer

heat transfer

At Tplus Thermal Engineering, we are particularly specialized on heat transfer and cooling. Our core competences are in combined fluid dynamics and heat transfer problems, which are characterized by a strong interaction of the flow field with the temperature field. Such situations are commonly encountered in turbomachinery, heat exchanger, or automotive applications.

Typical tasks related to our services are:

  • Insight into local heat load distributions
  • Heat transfer enhancement or reduction
  • Improvement of cooling or heating efficiency
  • Optimization with regards to uniformity of heat loads
  • Coupled convective heat transfer and solid heat conduction
  • Linking of 1D methods with 3D CFD

With our engineering services, we provide a wide spectrum of simulation approaches ranging from 1D modeling methods to 3D predictions using CFD. This allows us to offer services for a large variety of thermal problems and to provide efficient solutions to the individual problem.