Quality Assurance

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With the increasing use of simulation tools in the design process, the demand for quality assurance of the simulation results becomes inevitable. Due to our long experience in the field of error estimation for CFD, we provide consulting assistance and practical analysis tools for error evaluation. By means of systematic CFD error analysis, we quantify numerical errors in form of 1D, 2D or 3D distributions. Our specialty is the ability to visualize these errors graphically, e.g. in form of charts or 3D plots. This allows insight into the "numerical quality" of the results and provides the user with information that is barely impossible to estimate without specific analysis. The obvious benefit is a better confidence in the simulation results. With the trend of relying more and more on purely numerical results for a design, quality assurance becomes an increasingly important issue.

Our main services for quality assurance are:

  • Evaluation of numerical errors in CFD simulations by a systematic analysis following latest international standards
  • Visualization of numerical errors in form of local distributions
  • Recommendations based on error analysis for implementation into guidelines